Demand for places at Civitas Schools far outstrips our capacity. We can currently teach up to 500 pupils in London each year, and current waiting list far exceeds that with some pupils having to wait up to two years to secure a place at one of our schools.

We do not accept any government funding in order to preserve the project’s independence, and so we rely entirely on individual voluntary donations to fund Civitas Schools, as well as generous support from trusts and corporations, but we are always seeking new sponsors and donors to enable us to continue to expand the week we do to ensure children, who may otherwise be failed by their mainstream education, are helped at an early stage. In particular, we are looking for funding to establish new schools to reduce our waiting lists, as well as specific funding for our summer schools.

To teach a school of 20 children for one year costs less than £20,000. We keep our running costs low, with the majority of funding being spent on our teaching staff. We charge parents a nominal fee of between £2 to £4 per teaching session, but this income covers only a fraction of the cost of running a school.

The director of Civitas Schools is always available to discuss funding and details of the project in more detail and would like to hear from you.