Thank you for your interest in Civitas Schools. To register your child for a place at one of our schools, click here.

Please refer to our Civitas Schools Admissions Policy (2024-25) if you are thinking of registering your child at one of the Civitas Schools.

What to expect at one of our schools, and what we expect from you and your child

Places at Civitas Schools are in high demand and we have long waiting lists of children eager to join. Our pupils are expected to work hard, complete their homework, attend every week and on time and be polite and courteous.

Your child’s first lesson

Your child’s first session with us will be a trial lesson. Our teachers will informally assess whether our lessons are suitable for your child’s academic level, which they will consider in conjunction with the intial InCAS ability test results your child will have sat after their provisional offer, as well as their attitude to learning. Occasionally, we will place a child back on the waiting list if we feel they aren’t ready to join our classes yet.

Our teaching methods

Your child will spend half the session in an English lesson and half the session in a Maths lesson, with a short break in the middle. Our experienced teachers focus on academic work using traditional teaching methods. We help children reach their full academic potential by concentrating on reading fluently, spelling accurately, practising times-tables and basic maths.

How we group our pupils

Children are grouped by ability rather than age, ensuring every child receives support suitable for the level they’re working at. We provide at least one teacher for every ten children and dedicated support teachers for those who require more intense support.

Resources and what to bring

Please make sure your child brings a pencil, a rubber, a drink and a snack to each lesson. We provide all other resources including exercise books, textbooks and reading books.


Your child will be given a small amount of homework at the end of most lessons. Please ask them about it and ensure that they complete it each week.


Alongside informal class tests, once a year we use Durham University’s InCAS programme to test your children to measure their progress over the course of a year. The InCAS test provides high quality, independent verification of the progress made by your child. The results allow us to accurately identify areas our pupils require further work in, and you will receive a copy of your child’s InCAS scores annually, and we will always be happy to discuss the results with you.


It is good for your child if you get to know their teachers over the course of your time with us. At the end of each term, we will send you a constructive and honest report. This will keep you informed of your child’s progress and highlight any specific comments or concerns the teachers may have.

Attendance and punctuality

If your child is going to miss a session, please inform us as soon as possible. If a child misses three classes in a term, we reserve the right to offer their place will be offered to another child from the waiting list. It is also very important that children arrive on time for lessons so they do not disturb other pupils and miss out on precious class time.


We insist upon good behaviour, courtesy and a calm learning environment. Children who disturb lessons will lose their place at the classes.


Fees are collected at the beginning of each half-term by the lead teacher at your classes.