The effect of Civitas Schools on the lives of the children is noticeable in the short-term – and in the long-term it is incalculable. Week-after-week we speak to parents who say they have noticed a marked difference in their child’s ability, attitude and confidence since they started attending our classes.

As well as helping to boost knowledge, skills and opportunities for all pupils, there are individual children who make such drastic progress at the classes that it gives them a whole new outlook on education.

InCAS Testing

Our pupils take the Interactive Computerised Assessment System (InCAS) test developed by the University of Durham’s highly regarded Curriculum Evaluation Management Centre. InCAS provides us with an independent, evidence-based report of each child’s development. The children take the test on an annual basis to measure their improvement and highlight any particular areas of concern.

InCAS focuses on four key learning areas: reading, spelling, general maths and mental arithmetic. For each component of the test, results are presented as an ability age, comparable to the child’s actual age. Over the course of a year, we expect children to improve in each subject by eighteen months. Many of our pupils exceed this benchmark.