We provide lessons for up to 350 children each week, across 12 community halls and other venues in London. Teaching in small classes allows us to focus on the basics every child needs: reading fluently, spelling accurately, understanding mathematical functions, gaining knowledge of grammar and mental arithmetic and developing pleasure in reading through engagement with classic literature.

In Saturday schools and after-school classes, we provide lessons in English and Maths for children from disadvantaged backgrounds who are failing to achieve their potential and will benefit from extra educational support.

We group children by educational attainment rather than age, allowing each pupil to work at their appropriate level. We provide at least one teacher for every 10 children and a support teacher for those who require more intense support.

We teach using traditional methods. Children work independently, facing the board. We aim to create a stimulating learning environment which readily engages children’s minds. Taking children seriously as thinkers and moral beings encourages them to grow in understanding and sensitivity. We use excellent resources, including Irina Tyk’s Butterfly Book, a highly effective synthetic phonics course that helps children to read fluently and confidently. Children may enjoy being introduced to a wide range of classic literature by their teachers. In Maths, children learn their times tables by heart and benefit from a regular and sustained focus on mental arithmetic.

We prioritise quality over quantity of teaching. The role of repetition in our teaching is central, allowing pupils the time to really grasp new ideas and concepts before being challenged to move on.